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Come Sweat or Silt teaches you to write your own rules.
Because Sink or Swim, you will get told NO. But what will you do with it?  
Come Sweat or Silt

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We’ve all been told NO. But we won’t stop 
until we get there. 
In Come Sweat or Silt: A Guide for Female Entrepreneurs with Grit, female entrepreneur Callie Katz, along with the assistance of an elite group of today’s thought leaders and world visionaries, share their lessons of blood, sweat and tears moments in becoming self-made multimillionaires. Their entrepreneurial crusades combined, are a testament to their multi-billion dollar fortunes and philanthropic causes. 

About The Author:

Kansas City-based author Callie Katz, has a drive for going beyond the standard. After leaving the arenas of National and Major League sports, she redefined her role as a leading female entrepreneur. Proven by the luxe clientele + retreats she has built into her business over the years, her mission is to inspire powerhouse women in becoming something greater than they’ve ever known. Today, Katz coaches authors across the country, elevating lifestyles, landing six-figure book launches and attracting celebrity partnerships. 

As she shares her gift of words and the stories detailed by world visionaries, Katz can be found celebrating life with her husband + family, friends, champagne and hiking the mountains of Colorado!
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